Friday, 29 April 2011

How to Undeploy Composite Manually

Sometime I noticed that you can’t undeploy the composite from SOA EM console.It is little bit irritating and can be of various reason like not deployed properly , database reference is null etc.

But I figured out undeployment procedure of SOA composite manually apart from wizard based.It worked fine for me.Here are the steps,

Login to EM console and go to mds configuration,


Export metadata,

image file will be downloaded.Unzip the same and you will find deployed-composites folder and underneath deployed-composites.xml like below,


Delete the entry of whatever the composite you want to undeploy.You can delete the respective composite from your partition folder. Then zip it again and import the MDS from EM.

You need to restart the server and after that your composite will be gone !!!


Raj said...

Hi Shreekanta,

Following your post, I was able to remove the composite (that I could not remove via EM) from the repository but when I re-exported the repository to check how it looks like (after the initial export/import), I found that the zipped folder that I uploaded to MDS has been placed under the root MDS folder and its not merged with the existing structure. In other words, it is sitting there on the same folder strucure with a new name. Previously, I saw the following folders:
Now, I see another folder added:

Under this folder I find the same folders that are under the root MDS folder i.e.

These folders represent then changes that I did and uploaded/imported the zip file back and these changes do not reflect in the original MDS folders.

Did you experience this and do you see any issues with the addition of this new folder structure in the MDS?

Please share your thoughts on this.


shrikworld said...

Hi Raj,
We can't undeploy composite because of some invalid JNDI or other non existent references in the application, it can be of datasource or queue etc. if you remove those from weblogic server definitely composite will be undeployed from em.But if we can't figure out what it is then its the quickest way to get rid of unwanted.
I didn't face this problem of what you mentioned, I checked it today even , whenever I exported metadata I always got folder only, there is no duplication..
From Jdeveloper I created a MDS connection pointing to soa-infra partition in dev_mds schema , here also everything looks fine ..How your mds is listing from Jdeveloper, might be you missed something..

Unknown said...


I am facing the same issue of what you have mentioned because of which i uspect my em console is too slow

Did you get a chance to resolve the issue?

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue.
I found out that it was caused when I zipped the soa-infra_metadata folder that was created when I unzipped the download.
This created a root folder of soa-infra_metadata inside the zip file.
I had to create the zip at the root folder level of the apps, deployed-composites, soa folders instead. The soa-infra_metadata folder is created from the downloaded zip file name. So make sure you at the right folder level when you create your zip file!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!